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Livestock Feed


  • 14% grower for cattle up to 800#
  • 12% finisher for cattle 800# to finish
  • 14% Show Feed specifically for cattle and meant to be fed with “Sure Champ” in order to fill nutritional gaps to initiate hair growth and bloom.
  • Crystalyx Supplements
  • Vitaferm Minerals
  • Show Rite supplements
  • Sure Champ


  • 16% grower, complete nutrition for hogs at their mid growth stage.
  • 22% Starter/Finisher Higher protein mix younger hogs need for proper development, and also to finish out market pigs.
  • 12% Sow Gestation, 18% Sow Lactation, & swine laxative.


  • 12% Reed City Horse, a low starch feed with oats, small amount of rolled corn, Hubbard Life 30% Horse Supplement Pellet and wet molasses.
  • Hubbard Life Senior, Summit, & Cool Command complete horse feeds.
  • Stablyx tubs & loose mineral.


  • 15% Goat feed for growing, lactating and maintenance goats. This product includes “Digest More” and Amaferm prebiotic product to help with proper digestion. Available with or without “Deccox” to prevent coccidiosis.
  • Crystalyx Goatlyx mineral tubs.
  • Show Rite feed. 


  • 17% Medicated Lamb Grower Pellet
  • Loose mineral especailly for sheep.


  • 16% Layer. Made with “Hubbard Homestead” an all natural feed concentrate, and also made with Calcium Carbonate, a nutrient needed for egg shell development.
  • 18% Broiler. Designed for finishing meat chickens.
  • Chicken starter feed.
  • Poultry grit & oyster shells.

We have many other options available upon request. Or a nutritionist can completely customize your feeding program based on your needs. 

Stop in for more information on providing your livestock with a comprehensive nutrition program.

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Companion Animal

We have feed for dogs & cats as well. Offering Diamond Naturals, Nutro Max, Taste of the Wild, bones & treats too.

For rabbits we carry a 18% Or 16% complete feed.

Many more options available upon request.


Research Products


Show Feed

The latest feed technology for show livestock

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Hubbard Life

All natural feeding, tips & tools for raising livestock and pets.

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Crystalyx Supplements

Specific supplements for almost any feeding situation.

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