Livestock Feed Recipes

Reed City Feed and Supply offers NEW and IMPROVED livestock feed recipes developed by a nutritionist, now available for cattle, swine, horses, goats and poultry. We’ve been working together with Hubbard, Biozyme and Buckeye, to develop nutritionally complete livestock feed recipes at a reasonable price.

Below are a few of our new options:

Each mix includes “Amaferm”, a prebiotic that assists with digestion, keeping the rumen working the way it should.

  • 14% grower for cattle up to 800#
  • 12% finisher for cattle 800# to finish
  • Show Ration designed for show cattle and meant to be fed with “Sure Champ” in order to fill nutritional gaps to initiate hair growth and bloom.


  • 16% grower, complete nutrition for hogs at their mid growth stage.
  • 22% Starter/Finisher Higher protein mix younger hogs need for proper development, and also to finish out market pigs.


  • Along with the entire Buckeye line, our New 12% Osceola Horse is a low starch feed with lots of cleaned Oats, small amount of rolled corn, Buckeye Grow & Win Pellet and wet molasses.


  • 15% Goat feed for growing, lactating and maintenance goats. This product includes “Digest More” and Amaferm prebiotic product to help with propee digestion. And also available with or without “Deccox”to prevent coccidiosis.


  • 16% Layer. Made with “Hubbard Homestead” an all natural feed concentrate, and also made with Calcium Carbonate, a nutrient needed for egg shell development.
  • 18% Broiler. Designed for finishing meat chickens.

Stop in for more information on providing your livestock with the nutrition they need!